How To Play

  • In the "Which Is English?" game, you will be presented with pairs of words or phrases. For each challenge, choose the answer that is most correct or most natural. Keep playing to test your language skills and get the highest score!

  • To begin a new game, click Play Now, but be ready because the clock is ticking!

    Note: If you want to track your scores and be eligible for the Leaderboards, make sure to register for an account and log in before you play.

  • When a challenge appears, click on the option that is most correct or sounds the most natural before time runs out. Correct choices will be those that:

    • Are spelled correctly
    • Represent a real word
    • Are grammatically correct

    If both are grammatically correct, choose the more natural one. For example, in "Which Is English?", you would choose "lay of the land" instead of "shape of the fields".

  • If you've played a perfect game by scoring all questions, you will be presented with the Bonus Round screen. Correctly answer as many questions in a row as you can to add points to your total game score.

  • When you have answered all the challenges, the Results screen will appear. Use this screen to check your answers, see your score, and send us feedback by clicking the explanation and feedback link.

  • If you are logged in, your points will automatically be added to the total points displayed on your Profile page. The number of points awarded for each correct answer is based on the difficulty of the question.

    But just remember, you must be logged in to be eligible for the Leaderboards!

  • When you are ready, click Play Again to play the game again with new challenges, or click View High Scores to see the Leaderboards.

System Requirements